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Pakistan Travel Destinations

A tour to Pakistan will acquaint you with endless possibilities the country has to offer. A land jam-packed with travel destinations. In this section Pakistan Holiday attempts to present the Non Resident Pakistanis with a series of Pakistan Travel Destinations, which will take them into a world of nostalgic ambience.

These travel destinations in Pakistan will tantalize your senses. Whether you are looking for holiday relaxation, cultural highlights, action or business, there is never a reason to be fed up. In Pakistan, you will find whatever your heart desires.

The landscape of Pakistan is vibrant and diverse with rugged mountains contrasting with flat, alluvial plains. Travel to Karachi, the largest and lively city in Pakistan, renowned for its seething immensity with its teeming bazaars, mosques, monuments and colonial architecture. The provincial capital of Punjab, the cultural city of Lahore is awash with beautiful monuments, gardens, and palace.

The twin cities of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and a city of status and refinement, and Rawalpindi, are both situated on the Potohar Plateau. The old part of Rawalpindi boasts fine specimens of local architecture and the narrow alleys are crammed with bazaars where artisans still use the traditional methods.



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